Congratulatory Message to Dragonfly Aerpospace for Launch of Their Satellite: AGRISAT-1/ZA008

South African Council for Space Affairs (SACSA) congratulates Dragonfly Aerospace for its successful launch of their satellite, AgriSAT-1 /ZA 008 from USA, Cape Canaveral on a Space X Falcon 9 rocket- Transporter mission 6. According to Ms Maruping; the Chair of SACSA, this launch is making history in the South African space regulatory regime, since this is the first ever-commercial satellite licensed in South Africa following seven government-sponsored satellites.

Dragonfly Aerospace, a space technology solutions company based in the Western Cape was established in 2018. Dragonfly has invested extensively in infrastructure and IP development with the possibility of securing more contracts for future missions.

This successful launch by Dragonfly of AGRISAT satellite shows yet again South Africa’s international capability in the space Industry and boost its much-needed credibility for investment in the space area. The launch will enable Dragonfly to continue with its other projects of building a constellation of satellites, whilst firming up localisation through involvement of other companies in this sector and related sectors. It is understood that with this launch, these is an estimated future revenue to South Africa of $108m pending successful operation. Ms Maruping further mentions that the benefits include an increase in the company’s productive capacities, employing and skilling more high-value personnel and enabling broader benefits to other related companies in the industry.

The South African Council for Space Affairs is a regulatory body appointed by the Minister in terms of legislation to regulate certain space activities in the country, which entails amongst other the registration of space companies, licensing and supervision of space activities